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Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Institute for Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Tambov State Technical University

III International Scientific-Practical Conference

Tambov, Russia, November 13-15, 2019.



The III International Scientific-Practical Conference УGRAPHENE AND RELATED STRUCTURES: SYNTHESIS, PRODUCTION, AND APPLICATIONФ will be held in Tambov (Russia) on the basis of Tambov State Technical University on November 13-15, 2019. It is supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, V.I. Vernadsky Non-Governmental Environmental Foundation, Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials, Institute for Problems of Chemical Physics - Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian-Chinese Research Institute of Graphene, Belarusian State University, УNanoTechCenterФ LLC, and Tambov State Technical University.
The conference is intended for scientists, university professors, graduate and postgraduate students, PhD and postdoctoral fellows, researchers and specialists in the field of industrial production, applied research and use of carbon nanomaterials (graphene, nanographite, carbon nanotubes and nanofibers, functional and construction materials), as well as metrological maintenance, standardization and quality control of carbon nanotechnology-based products.

Conference languages: Russian and English;
Participation form: in-person or remote;
Contribution types: plenary and sectional reports/communications, posters.

    The Conference program will be composed of the following sections:
  • SECTION 1. Graphene, Nanographite
  • SECTION 2. Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers
  • SECTION 3. Functional and Construction Nanomaterials
  • SECTION 4. Metrological Maintenance, Standardization and Quality Control of Carbon Nanotechnology Products.

The Conference proceedings containing accepted short papers will be published and sent to the participants before the Event.
All the short papers submitted and accepted for the Conference will be peer-reviewed by qualified specialists.

After the Conference, the authors of the selected short papers will be proposed to prepare full papers (15-20 pages) on the basis thereof. The papers will be published free of charge in the English-speaking journal УAdvanced Materials and TechnologiesФ.

Venue and Accommodation

The Conference will be held at the AMAKS Park-Hotel (Block 101, Suburban Forest, Tambov, Russia, Non-resident participants will be accommodated at the same hotel.
The general information about Tambov, the host city, is available at

Russian Visa Information

Foreign participants are required to obtain a visa to travel to Russia. The list of countries, the citizens of which do not need the Russian visa, can be found at
If you need an Official Invitation to apply for the visa, please, address the International Department of TSTU (e-mail:

For further information about the Conference, participation, contributions, please, contact the Scientific Secretary of the Conference, Dr. Evgeny Galunin by phone at +7-915-869-9126, or by e-mail
Other matters:
hotel room booking - +7(999)-621-5250 (Dr. Anastasia Kucherova),
transfer - +7-915-869-9077 (Dr. Igor Shubin),
registration fee payment - +7-920-232-7734 (Dr. Elena Burakova).

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